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Steal (Instinct 03) by James Patterson

Steal (Instinct 03) by James Patterson
Steal (Instinct 03) by James Patterson

Art︈ galleries︈ and︈ casinos,︈ mansions︈ and︈ brothels,︈ billionaires︈ and︈ thieves—only︈ James︈ Patterson︈ could︈ create︈ a︈ triple-cross︈ this︈ decadent︈ and︈ suspenseful.
Imagine︈ everyone’s︈ surprise︈ when︈ Carter︈ von︈ Oehson,︈ a︈ sophomore︈ in︈ Dr.︈ Dylan︈ Reinhart’s︈ Abnormal︈ Psychology︈ class,︈ posts︈ on︈ Instagram︈ that︈ he︈ plans︈ to︈ kill︈ himself.︈ 24︈ hours︈ later︈ and︈ still︈ no︈ one︈ has︈ seen︈ him.
Release︈ the︈ hounds.︈ A︈ massive︈ search︈ ensues.︈ But︈ when︈ Carter’s︈ sailboat︈ rolls︈ in︈ with︈ the︈ tide︈ without︈ him︈ or︈ anyone︈ else︈ on︈ it,︈ the︈ worst︈ seems︈ to︈ be︈ confirmed.︈ He︈ really︈ did︈ it︈ .︈ .︈ .︈ Or︈ did︈ he?
The︈ one︈ person︈ convinced︈ he’s︈ still︈ alive︈ is︈ his︈ father,︈ Mathias︈ von︈ Oehson,︈ founder︈ and︈ CEO︈ of︈ the︈ world’s︈ largest︈ hedge︈ fund.︈ But︈ what︈ Mathias︈ knows︈ and︈ how︈ he︈ knows︈ it︈ would︈ ultimately︈ reveal︈ a︈ secret︈ so︈ damaging︈ that︈ it︈ would︈ be︈ as︈ if︈ he︈ were︈ committing︈ suicide︈ himself.︈ There’s︈ no︈ way︈ he︈ can︈ go︈ to︈ the︈ police.︈ But︈ there’s︈ still︈ someone︈ he︈ can︈ turn︈ to.
Dylan︈ now︈ finds︈ himself︈ wrapped︈ up︈ in︈ multi-million-dollar︈ secrets︈ and︈ danger︈ and︈ it’s︈ going︈ to︈ take︈ every︈ bit︈ of︈ his︈ wit,︈ and︈ the︈ brilliant︈ and︈ headstrong︈ NYPD︈ Detective,︈ Elizabeth︈ Needham,︈ to︈ stay︈ ahead︈ of︈ both︈ his︈ enemy︈ .︈ .︈ .︈ and︈ his︈ employer.

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