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The Law of Innocence (Lincoln Lawyer 06) by Michael Connelly

The Law of Innocence (Lincoln Lawyer 06) by Michael Connelly
The Law of Innocence (Lincoln Lawyer 06) by Michael Connelly

When Mickey Haller left the bar after he’d been celebrating with the defense team, he walked down toward his Lincoln in preparation for heading home.
The day had been a good one; he was content as he commenced the drive. When he spotted a black and white in his rearview mirror, he pulled to the left to allow it to pass – it came with him.
That was when he realized he was being pulled over by the patrolman behind him.
What followed was a dreadful shock to Mickey – a body in the trunk of his car meant he was arrested and taken away for the process to begin.
Mickey was charged with murder and with the bail set at $5 million, he had no hope of finding it.
With Mickey defending himself, he called on his team to do the leg work. His half-brother Harry Bosch was included, as well as Cisco and Jennifer, Lorna and Maggie.
But working from his cell in Twin Towers meant his expertise was curtailed, plus he had to watch his back. He knew he had been framed – finding out who had orchestrated the whole thing would be the killer.
Would he and his team find enough evidence to back up his claims of innocence? The prosecutor was deadly, the Judge impartial. But what would be the outcome?
Would the jury think favourably of him, or of the prosecution?

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