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The Patient by Jasper Dewitt

The Patient by Jasper Dewitt
The Patient by Jasper Dewitt

Parker is a young medical school graduate from a prestigious school. Though he has many doors open to him, he is committed to staying local and helping the less fortunate because of personal past experiences. His mother suffered from depression and had a psychotic break and the trauma from it deeply impacted Parker.
Starting work as a psychiatrist at the Connecticut State Asylum, Parker is happy to be helping people. Most of the patients at the state run facility are only there for short term stays due to insurance refusing to pay for long term care. However, one patient has been locked behind the asylum's walls for over thirty years. Known only as Joe, Parker begins to hear rumors about Joe's effect on any person who encounters him. Almost as if Joe's undiagnosed psychosis is contagious, orderlies, nurses, and doctors have routinely gone mad or committed suicide after having Joe in their care.
Determined to diagnose Joe and help him find a cure, Parker volunteers to take him on as a patient. But after spending several sessions with Joe, Parker begins to wonder if Joe is actually sane, and there is something more sinister happening at the hospital to keep him locked away. Who can Parker trust? Is Joe sane or is he such a skilled sociopath that he's even fooled Parker?

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