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Twisted Prey by John Sandford NY Times Best Selling Author

Twisted Prey (Lucas Davenport 28) by John Sandford Kindle Edition ePub Reader Edition

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In Twisted Prey, the 28th book in John Sandford’s #1 bestselling franchise (following Golden Prey, 2017), Lucas Davenport locks horns with an old nemesis who now has more power than ever before.

Still adjusting to his new role as a U.S. Marshall, Lucas Davenport is contacted by Senator Porter Smalls, who was run off the road on his way back to Washington from a quick stay in his West Virginia cabin. After a horrific crash, Porter managed to walk away relatively unharmed. However, his political consultant and secret lover, Cecily Whitehead, wasn’t so fortunate.

Porter reaches out to Davenport because he’s convinced that the wreck was part of an assassination attempt ordered by Taryn Grant. Sandford’s longtime readers will remember Grant, the beautiful, rich sociopath who was already plotting out her pathway to the presidency as far back as Silken Prey (2013), when she was first introduced. Since then, she’s won a narrow senate race, which Grant views as little more than a stepping stone to the Oval Office. Porter Smalls has already had one go-around with Grant, and it ended very badly for him. Before he climbs into the ring for round two, he wants Lucas Davenport in his corner.

Davenport eventually agrees to investigate things, even after local police rule it a single-car accident. Grant, meanwhile, deploys her henchman to take Lucas out of play, with strict orders to kill him if all else fails. But as fans of Lucas Davenport know, killing a seasoned pro like Lucas isn’t easy — especially once he has an old enemy like Taryn Grant in his crosshairs.

Sandford continues to work current events into his stories, giving them a timely feel. This time, he’s churned out a suspense-filled plot about a power struggle between two members of the Washington Elite. Certain chapters read like stories currently all over CNN and Fox News, and readers will no doubt see those parallels and likely wish real-life played out closer to how things go when Lucas Davenport is on the case. Lucas Davenport might have a new job, but the end result is the same. . . Twisted Prey is another rocket-paced thriller book of top notch series from one of today’s most beloved storytellers.

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