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The Midnight Caller (Jack Widow 07) by Scott Blade eBook buy at the great value for 0,99 cents only

The Midnight Caller (Jack Widow 07) eBook by Scott Blade

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Former undercover NCIS Agent Jack Widow is in New York City.

Today is his birthday. He's spent the day riding the subway, walking the streets, and sipping espresso near Central Park. Enjoying the tourist life.

An irresistible offer comes his way and he ends up staying the night in one of the nicest hotels in New York City, The Plaza.

Things are going his way. So far. At midnight, the hotel room telephone rings, waking Widow from a dead sleep. A woman with a stimulating Russian accent and seductive voice, speaks, making a desperate plea for her life. She claims to need help. She claims that she's being held against her will by a group of dangerous men. Suddenly, the phone goes dead. Who was she? Was her claim real?

Being Jack Widow means that he must find out. No choice. But what he finds drags him down the rabbit hole of an international hunt for a missing Russian submarine, armed with nukes, and a horrifying plot ripped out of a nightmare.

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Kindle Edition (MOBI) This eBook is available for the following devices: Amazon Kindle iPhone iPad Android Windows Mac
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