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Name Not Given (Jack Widow 06) by Scott Blade best selling author

Name Not Given (Jack Widow 06) by Scott Blade Kindle Edition ePub Reader Edition

Brand: Blade Scott
Product Code: BLDSTT11
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Former undercover Navy cop, Jack Widow lived it rough and now he's living it up.

Or so he thinks.

Starting out on a beach in Miami, strolling up the coast of Florida, Widow is watching the sea, getting tan from the hot sun, and surfing the greenish waves. Life doesn't get much better in his opinion.

One day on Cocoa Beach, Widow is waiting for his set on a morning that is overcast with storm clouds. Which is good news to him because the tourist have gone away and the beach is far from crowded. More ocean for him. While waiting, a metal object sticking up in the sand, washed in by the waves, catches his eye.

Widow picks it up. It's a pair of military dog tags. Immediately, he sees something very, very wrong.

All the normal dog tag information is there. He sees the Social Security Number, the blood type, and the religion of the owner of the dog tags. The thing that disturbs him isn't what's there. It's what's not there. There is no name. No first name. No last name. Someone scratched off both. Curiosity plants itself down deep, making Widow want to find out who's name is missing? And why would someone scratch it off? But what starts out as seemingly inconsequential, takes Jack Widow into a web of murders that someone in the military wants to be gone and buried.

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