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The Last Mile (Amos Decker 02) by David Baldacci best selling author

The Last Mile (Amos Decker 02) by David Baldacci Kindle Edition ePub Reader Edition

Brand: Baldacci David
Product Code: BLDDD04
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The Last Mile, new Amos Decker book from the NY Times Best Selling author David Baldacci 

Indicted killer Melvin Mars is tallying down the most recent hours before his execution-for the savage killing of his guardians a quarter century when he's allowed a startling respite.

Another man has admitted to the wrongdoing. Amos Decker, recently procured on a FBI extraordinary team, takes an enthusiasm for Mars' case in the wake of finding the striking likenesses to his own life: Both men were capable football players with promising professions cut off by disaster.

Both men's families were severely killed. Also, in both cases, another suspect approached, years after the slaughtering, to admit to the wrongdoing. A suspect who could conceivably have been telling the truth.The admission can possibly make Melvin Mars-liable or not-a liberated individual. Who needs Mars out of jail? What's more, why now?But when a colleague, it turns out to be clear that something much bigger and more evil than only one indicted criminal's life remains in a precarious situation. Decker will require the greater part of his unprecedented mental aptitude to prevent a pure man from being executed.

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