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Herron Mick

Herron Mick British Bestselling author
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Dead Lions (Slough House 02) by Herron Mick
London's Slough House is where the washed-up MI5 spies go to while away what's left of their failed ..
Joe Country (Slough House 06) by Herron Mick international bestselling author
'We're spies,' said Lamb. 'All kinds of outlandish shit goes on.' Like the ringing of a dead man's ..
London Rules (Slough House 05) by spy thrillers author Herron Mick
London Rules might not be written down, but everyone knows rule one. Cover your arse. Regent's Par..
Real Tigers (Slough House 03) by spy thrillers author Herron Mick
London’s Slough House is where disgraced MI5 operatives are reassigned to spend the rest of their sp..
Slow Horses (Slough House 01) by Herron Mick
Slough House is a dumping ground for British intelligence agents who’ve screwed up a case in any num..
Spook Street (Slough House 04) by spy thrillers author Herron Mick
What happens when an old spook loses his mind? Does the Service have a retirement home for those who..