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Inspector Samuel Tay

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And Brother Its Starting To Rain (Inspector Samuel Tay 05) by Jake Needham number one bestselling author
SAMUEL TAY HAS RETIRED from Singapore CID. It wasn’t entirely his idea, but that’s another story. J..
The Ambassadors Wife (Inspector Samuel Tay 01) by Jake Needham best selling author
The first body is in Singapore, on a bed in an empty suite in the Marriott Hotel. The second in Bang..
The Dead American (Inspector Samuel Tay 03) by Jake Needham best selling author
They steer a tight ship in squeaky-clean Singapore. No dissent, no opposition, no criticism. It&rsqu..
The Girl In The Window (Inspector Samuel Tay 04) by Jake Needham best selling author
Singapore is a good house in a bad neighborhood. Three hundred million Muslims live in Indonesia and..
The Umbrella Man (Inspector Samuel Tay 02) by Jake Needham best selling author
THE FIRST BOMB cracked the Hilton like an egg; the second gutted the lobby of the Marriott; and the ..