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For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison bookz buy cheap for 0,99 cents only

For A Few Demons More eBook by Kim Harrison

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The fifth book in Harrisons New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series starring Rachel Morgan. A pacey and addictive novel of sexy bounty-hunting witches, cunning demons and menacing vampiresBargaining with demons has left Rachel Morgan in constant danger of losing her soul.As if being famous in the underworld for all the wrong reasons and sharing her home with a vampire and her jealous girlfriend didn't make her vulnerable enough, one night Rachel finds demons ransacking her home with no fear of sanctified ground. They are searching for something they believe Rachel to possess a danger that Rachel thought was well hidden and secret.But when the human morgue starts to fill up with partially-turned lupine women who have been brutally murdered, Rachel realises that someone else knows the Focus still exists and that she may have been betrayed.

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Kindle Edition (MOBI) This eBook is available for the following devices: Amazon Kindle iPhone iPad Android Windows Mac

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