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The Sanctuary Sparrow (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael 07) by Ellis Peters bookz buy cheap for 0,99 cents only

The Sanctuary Sparrow (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael 07) eBook by Ellis Peters

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At the midnight services of Matins on a lovely May night, a boy speeds into the Abbey church just ahead of mob after him for theft and murder. Abbot Radulfus, in his calm but forceful way, stops the mob, grants the victim's request for sanctuary and successfully orders the mob to return in quiet the next morning to discuss their charges. Liliwin is a wandering jongleur and entertainer, evicted from the goldsmith's wedding reception earlier for breaking a wine jug during his routine.A sergeant under Sheriff Prestcote informs Liliwin that he is accused of assault and robbery, the victim Walter Aurifaber being alive but unconscious since the attack. The boy's term of sanctuary will expire in forty days; if he leaves the grounds he will be taken – if lucky by the Sheriff's men, if not by the townspeople. Abbot Radulfus firmly asserts the rights of sanctuary for Lilliwin, who protests his innocence. Daniel Aurifaber, grandson of the house, then requests Bother Chronicles of Brother Cadfael to treat his grandmother at their home.

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