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The Last Confession Of Thomas Hawkins (Book 02) by Hodgson Antonia bookz buy cheap for 0,99 cents only

The Last Confession Of Thomas Hawkins (Book 02) by Hodgson Antonia

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In this vivacious new enterprise with the amicable rebel and fallen man of honor Thomas Hawkins, our saint petitions God for an illustrious parson as he remembers the undercover work, underground dealings, and homicide allegations that sent him to the hangman's tree. London, 1728.

Tom Hawkins is gone to the hangman's tree, blamed for homicide. Noble men don't hang and Tom's accursed on the off chance that he'll be the first. He may not be quite a bit of a man of his word, but rather he is blameless. He just dependably discovers his way into a spot of misfortune.

It's difficult to say when Tom's inconveniences started. He was joyfully living in wrongdoing with his darling, Kitty Sparks — however their neighbors were unquestionably less satisfied about that. He presumably shouldn't have told London's most tricky criminal genius that he was "exhausted and searching for enterprise." Nor if he have offered to help the lord's fancy woman in her frantic battles with a merciless and pernicious spouse. Furthermore, he certainly shouldn't have believed the ascertaining Queen Caroline.

She's guaranteed him an imperial exoneration in the event that he holds his tongue, however on the other hand, there is nothing more noiseless than a hanged man. Presently Tom must scramble to spare his life and secure those he cherishes. In any case, as the noose fixes, his time is running out.

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