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Golden Lion eBook by Wilbur Smith

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Overall top of the line creator Wilbur Smith will go up against you an extraordinary voyage on the whipping oceans off the bank of Africa in this sublime come back to the arrangement that made him who he is: The Courtney arrangement.
East African Coast, 1670.
In a period of overcome and severe experience, one man will travel crosswise over land and ocean to seek after his most prominent adversary …
The Golden Bough, captained by Henry "Hal" Courtney, is running south from Ethiopia to Zanzibar. Beneath deck, both his group and his darling, the dauntless warrior Judith Nazet, rest. As the moon flashes through mists, Hal locates a ship cruising close by. In spite of the fact that there is an uneasy detente between the warring English and Dutch, Hal fragrances threat. At the point when the Bough is boarded, the team should go hand to hand to shield their ship and their lives.
Yet, soon Hal will confront considerably graver peril, as he finds his mortal adversary still lives and is dead set on requital. he should seek after his adversary crosswise over abandon savannah, through the shabby underbelly of Zanzibar's slave markets and shark-plagued waters, risking his own life every step of the way. Be that as it may, it will take more than a slave's shackles to hold Hal Courtney…
An exciting mix of phenomenal dramatization and epic narrating, Golden Lion sees Wilbur Smith return in triumphant frame to the experiences of his adored and top rated Courtney family.
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